Agile Transformation Consulting and Coaching

Get support for your agile transformation through consulting, training and coaching.

Leadership Agility Assessment and Coaching
Leadership Agility Assessment and Coaching

Our Approach to Agile Transformation​

Our approach to agile transformation has been tried and tested in different organisations, from very large, to small. We call it "Lighting Beacons", and it's iterative and incremental just like agile itself. Rather than trying to do a big organisational redesign up front, we provide agile transformation consulting and coaching to:

  1. Identify a beacon project or context which is valuable and where success will help you learn how to do this type of work in other contexts.
  2. Support it with training and coaching through the first several iterations.
  3. Continuously engage with all involved parts of your organisation, helping them to understand how they can contribute.

Rather than sprinkling a little bit of agility over a wide area, where it will have little effect, our approach means going deep on a part and then spreading the new capabilities to other parts of the organisation. This enables your organisation to build its own agile capability incrementally.

What We Can Do For You

By bringing agile ways of working to your organisation, we help you become more innovative, effective, and to create customer delight and value faster. We do this by:

  • Incrementally developing your organisation’s agile capability through agile transformation consulting and coaching
  • Developing catalyst level agile leaders
Agile Transformation Consulting, Training and Coaching
Developing your Organisation's Agile Capability

Agile Assessment We work with you and your teams to reflect on the current state of the organisation, formulate goals for the transition and to take ownership of their future.

Consulting, Training & Coaching We provide a combination of consulting, training and coaching to help you roll-out agile within your organisation at a sustainable pace.

Agile Health Check Several months into a typical engagement we return and help you and your organisation to reflect on progress made and to discover opportunities for improvement.

leadership agility
Developing Agile Leaders

One of the key success factors for agile transformations is having senior leaders who really understand agile and nurture an environment in which agile ways of working can thrive.

We use the Leadership Agility model to support your development of catalyst-level leadership and are are trained and certified by its co-author, Bill Joiner.

How We Will Work With You

We have in-depth experience helping organisations to transition to agile and have taken a leading role in some of the largest and most successful agile adoptions in Europe. Leveraging this experience, we will work with you to build your own agile capability through consulting, training and coaching, leading to sustainable success with agile ways of working.

10 Key Success Factors for Agile Transformations

In this video, Simon Roberts talks about ten key success factors for agile transformations, based on his twenty years of experience providing agile transformation consulting and coaching.

Example Consulting and Coaching Clients

ScrumCenter has provided agile transformation consulting and coaching to several major companies in the UK and Germany. Amongst these are:

agile transformation consulting and coaching client

Simon Roberts trained and coached the CRM development programme at executive and team level. This included ten development teams working over multiple sites in the UK and India. Training was provided in the UK and India.

agile transformation consulting and coaching client
Allianz Deutschland

Simon Roberts was lead coach and interim manager of the agile competence centre. Under his leadership, the company took its first steps with agile and scaled up to almost 100 Scrum teams over multiple business units.

agile transformation consulting and coaching client
Deutsche Telekom

Simon Roberts was lead coach for the agile transformation. Hired by the chief product owner of the agile transformation to coach the executive action team and business units. ScrumCenter later provided multiple on-site coaches.

Agile Transformation Resources

We run a regular meet-up on agile transformation and scaling agile. There is always a lively discussion and it’s to join and take part. You can find the latest event here.

Here is a short selection of agile transformation related webinar and conference presentations we have given recently.

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