Certified Scrum Developer®

When used for software development, Scrum is most effective when accompanied by agile development practices such as test driven development and continuous integration. Through a combination of theory, practice and discussion, this course provides a thorough introduction to these and other important practices for agile development teams.


Participants will come away with understanding and experience in the most important agile development practices – ready to start to introduce them in their daily work or to improve their current practice.


The course is suitable for Scrum development team members including programmers and testers. Some of the practical work requires some knowledge of Java although participants do not need to be experts.


The course includes 3 sprints. Each sprint includes a full Scrum sprint with planning, doing, review and retrospective. During these sprints the teams build a real product (a web store) using the full range of agile development practices (testing driven development, pair programming, automated acceptance testing, refactoring, continuous integration). The practical work is interspersed with short theoretical sections and group discussion.

Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

This course can count for up to 24 Scrum Education Units.


2 or 3 days.


English or German.


Test-driven development
Pair programming
Coding Kata
Setting up the course development environment
Group work: analysing the approach for automated acceptance and unit testing in the course project
Product backlog refinement

Mocks and other test doubles
Sprint 1 – teams build a product using the full stack of agile development practices
Sprint 2 – teams continue to build their product

Agile architecture
Sprint 3 – teams continue to build their product
Code craftsmanship
Code sense
Assessment (written and practical test)
Course retrospective

All training moved to live-online, free online coaching and mentoring available

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all in-person coaching and training has been cancelled. Instead, we are offering live-online Certified Scrum training and online coaching and mentoring.

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