Elevate Your Post Military Service Career with ELCAS Approved Agile Training

Are you a service leaver from the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, ready to embark on a new journey? 

Discover how your military experience can become the foundation for a successful civilian career through ELCAS approved Agile training.

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ScrumCenter training is officially Approved By MOD in support of the eLC scheme

ScrumCenter is your trusted partner in achieving Agile excellence as ELC Provider 12688. 

As a distinguished Agile and Certified Scrum training provider, we’re committed to empowering you with practical, real-world skills beyond conventional consulting companies. 

Our courses are designed to make you agile-capable, reducing your dependence on external consultants and giving you the confidence to excel in the civilian workforce.


How much Does ELCAS fund towards your training?

Our ELCAS students and graduates include serving personnel, service leavers, and those no longer in service within:


  • The Royal Navy (and Royal Marines)
  • The Royal Air Force
  • The British Army

If you belong to any of these esteemed services, you can apply for our ELCAS approved Agile training courses. We’re here to support your journey from military service to civilian success with upto 80% of your certified course being funded by ELCAS.

ELCAS Funding of your training 80%

How do I apply for ELCAS Funding?

To apply for ELCAS funding, please download a claims form from the ELCAS site. Make sure you fully complete your claims form. 


Enter all the information correctly about the course you’d like to undertake with the details of your registration date. 

Once you receive your Claim Authorisation Note (CAN), you must send this to your chosen ELCAS Approved Training Provider to proceed with your training. 

They will guide you on how to make your contribution and provide any necessary training materials. 


Understanding and following the ELCAS process allows you to maximise your ELC benefits and make informed decisions about your post-service education and training.

Certified Scrum Training

Let us help you transition into a rewarding civilian career.

We salute your dedicated service in the Armed Forces and recognise the invaluable skills you’ve developed. 


Your military service has equipped you with exceptional skills, including leadership, discipline, and determination. 


We express our heartfelt gratitude for your service and acknowledge that these skills are assets and essential building blocks for success in any civilian career. 


Let us support your transition into a fulfilling and prosperous post-service life with internationally recognised Certified training from Scrum Alliance.

Why Choose ScrumCenter?

Our Agile and certified Scrum training is based on many years of experience using agile methods and helping individuals and organisations achieve sustainable success. We leverage the experience with stories of what works well and pitfalls to avoid.

Certified Scrum Training

Highly engaging at beginner, intermediate and advanced level to support career development.

Certified Scrum Training

Internationally recognised certifications through Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Training

Great value for money. Available with group discounts and flexibility in scheduling with options for private courses or places at public courses.

What does an Experienced Scrum Master get paid?

Take a look at the Potential Average Scrum Master Salaries In The UK

Our Certified Scrum Master course is a great way to get started on your journey towards your new career.

Source: Glassdoor.com, January 2024

Scrum Master

£ 47k

Scrum Master

£ 57k

Scrum Master

£ 69k

Glassdoor.com has a Very High Confidence, on these salaries as this data is based on a large number of fresh, recent salary reports from many companies.

Certified Scrum Master® Training

Our live-online or in-person Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training course gives you essential knowledge for adopting Scrum and continuously improving your organisation. In our Certified Scrum Master course you will learn practical techniques for taking your team to the next level.

It covers both distributed and co-located teams.

You can book a place at one of our scheduled events, or we can teach a private in-house course for your organisation.

Certified Scrum Master Training Course

This course is accredited by the Scrum Alliance®. On successful completion of the class and passing the exam, you will receive the Certified ScrumMaster® certification.

About the Certified Scrum Master Course

The Certified Scrum Master training course covers:


  • Lean, Agile and Scrum — clarifying your understanding of Scrum and its underpinnings.
  • Scrum patterns — going beyond the basics towards excellent Scrum.
  • Facilitating great retrospectives — how to help your team to find value in retrospectives.
  • The Scrum Master as team coach — what coaching is and why it is different from mentoring and consulting.
  • An introduction to powerful questions.
  • How the Scrum Master serves the development team.
  • How the Scrum Master supports the product owner.
  • Facilitating impediment removal.
  • The Scrum Master as an agent for change.


Upon completing the Certified ScrumMaster course and passing the online assessment, you will become a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM).

Participants of the Certified Scrum Master training course are typically Scrum Masters or others seeking to understand Scrum, including:


  • Beginners, new to Agile/Scrum.
  • Those currently working in software or non-software Agile/Scrum Teams.
  • Established practitioners looking to formalise their experience.
  • Managers and Executives interacting with Scrum teams.


You may be brand new to Agile, you may already have some knowledge under your belt, or you may be working in a Scrum Team now. Whatever your current position, you will have come to an understanding that an Agile working environment brings considerable benefits in terms of quality, productivity and time to market. This course is the next step, as it establishes a solid foundation in knowing what good practice looks like to ensure highly successful outcomes.


Certified ScrumMaster is ideal for anyone looking to start in Scrum and Agile, and it’s effectively essential for established practitioners looking to move on to the next level with formal training to back up their hands-on experience.


With a CSM certificate earned through Scrum Alliance endorsed training, you will hold an invaluable certification in Scrum, which will boost your professional standing and prospects. Our CSM is equally suitable for beginners, those working in non-software Scrum and Agile roles, and managers and executives who interact with Scrum teams and want to learn the language and understand the framework.

In the Certified ScrumMaster training course, you will learn about the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Lean, Agile and Scrum
    • Agile and Scrum Review and Refresh
    • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
    • Patterns for Excellent Scrum
  • Agile Facilitation
    • Facilitating Scrum
    • Group Decision Making
    • Designing and Facilitating Great Retrospectives
  • An introduction to Coaching
    • Facilitating, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching
    • Powerful Questions
    • Coaching Dojos
  • Experience Scrum Through a Simulation
  • Service to the Development Team
    • Servant Leadership vs. Traditional Management
    • Agile Engineering Techniques
  • Service to the Product Owner
    • What Support Does the Product Owner Need?
    • Techniques for Stakeholder Management
  • Service to the Organisation
    • Dealing with Impediments: Circles and Soup and The Executive Action Team
    • Why is change hard?
    • Leadership Storytelling
  • Questions and Answers

After you have taken part in our course, we will register you for the online CSM exam. The registration fee is included in the course fee.

The exam is multiple choice and taken online – there is no need or option to go to a test centre.

There are 50 questions and a 1 hour time limit. To pass, you need a score of 74% (37 or more out of 50 questions must be answered correctly).

If you don’t pass, you can retake without any charge. Further retakes cost $25.

Having passed the test, you can claim your Certified ScrumMaster accreditation and download your certificate from Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance also automatically provides you with a digital badge through BadgeCert which you can add to your LinkedIn profile. 

If you attend the Certified Scrum Master training course, you will benefit from the following:
  • The course will immerse you in the world of agile and Scrum.
  • You will get an electronic copy of the course workbook and an extensive follow-up material collection, including the trainer’s ebook on retrospectives.
  • We will register you for the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) online assessment.
  • You’ll get a two-year membership of the Scrum Alliance. As a result, you get access to exclusive Scrum Alliance member features and content.
  • Project Management Professionals® (PMP) can claim 14 PMI PDUs.
  • A free optional coaching/mentoring call with the trainer.

Firstly, our live-online Certified ScrumMaster course is interactive, engaging and fun. It’s designed using training from the back of the room techniques. As a result, it leverages the science behind how the human brain learns.

Secondly, people like you who attended our live-online Certified ScrumMaster course found it highly valuable. Here are some quotes about our training:

Simon is an outstanding agile trainer and empathic agile coach. He has vast software development experience and is a fantastic story teller. Simon skilfully introduces agile concepts and practices and knows exactly how to bring his ideas across. What fascinates me about Simon is his ability to connect with people and get a detailed sense of their needs. He shares a wealth of experience, knowledge, techniques and approaches and sows seeds of insights and a deeper understanding of Agile and lean, that truly grow and transform the way one works and collaborates. Shortly said, if you really want to transform to agile, Simon is your man.” Anna

The agility with which the host adapted to our current situation (coronavirus) by setting up the online course was a really authentic example of how to (positively) react to change.” Henrik

Simon is like a deep lake of Agile knowledge and experience, and it was a pleasure to work with him.” Marcel

“Very insightful, filled with lots of experience and real-life situations” Dennis

Finally, after the course you can book a free follow up mentoring call with the trainer to help put your new learnings into practice!

Simon Roberts
Agile and Lean Coach (ORSC™ Trained), Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified Enterprise Scrum Instructor, Scrum@Scale Trainer

Simon has used lightweight/agile methods since the late 1990s and works with organisations large and small to help them achieve better results by leveraging the power of self-organising teams. He has consulted for and led several large-scale agile transitions at DAX companies in Germany, is the author of several articles and regularly speaks at conferences on agile leadership.

Simon holds an MBA specialising in Creativity, Innovation and Change from the Open University Business School.

Jon Spruce
Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified Enterprise Coach®, Certified Team Coach®, Authorised ICAgile Instructor®

Jon is a seasoned Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer, draws from his extensive experience in guiding organisations through agile transformations. With a background spanning Telecoms, Banking, and Government, Jon has a deep commitment to helping clients overcome common challenges on their path to agility.

A British Army veteran, Jon brings the discipline and dedication of military service to his approach. His emphasis on building trust and creating connected teams leads to consistent delivery of exceptional results that delight customers. As an Certified Scrum Trainer, Jon is dedicated to supporting team growth. Whether you’re new to Agile and Scrum or seeking to enhance existing practices, Jon’s engaging training sessions foster a supportive learning environment

After the course, you can book
a free agile coaching/mentoring call with your trainer!

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2 days


Online or in-person.

Certified Scrum Trainer Simon Roberts
Simon Roberts
Certified Scrum Trainer
Jon Spruce
Certified Scrum Trainer

More than Just a Training Class

Our training goes beyond theory. 

We bring Agile and Scrum to life in our classrooms, ensuring that you understand the concepts and gain the skills and confidence to apply them in the real world right from day one of your civilian career.

We’re not here to teach you theory for theory’s sake. Our experienced instructors will share practical tips and tricks that can be immediately applied to make you a more effective Scrum Master. You’ll leave our classes equipped with valuable tools for success.

As you prepare for your new journey, you’ll acquire essential skills and knowledge to help you stand out in the job market. Employers value agile and scrum expertise, and you’ll have it in your arsenal.

ScrumCenter Training Testimonials

Connect with Dan on LinkedIn

As my RAF career comes to a close, I've delved into project management disciplines, embracing Scrum and Agile, a departure from the military's values.

This transition, resonating with my beliefs, has been profound. I invested resettlement training days and Enhanced Learning Credits in a remote Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course, swiftly earning my CSM Certification, thanks to Simon Roberts' exceptional teaching.

Using industry-standard tools, we collaboratively worked through interactive sessions that facilitated the research and discovery of core Scrum principles and practices, concluding in a sprint activity and retrospective design session.

All who discover the CSM should understand that this is a great first step, but many more must follow to unlock your full potential in this line of work.

Beyond the training, I have linked with Jon Spruce, who is mentoring me through the next steps. Although my Agile journey is still in its infancy, I have connected with many Agile practitioners and Coaches within the wider Agile community who are steadfast in sharing their views and practices.

Jon has overhauled my entire professional development portfolio and facilitated the generation of a development plan so that I can use my time and money efficiently while transitioning from the Armed Forces into the civilian world of work.

Dan Gardiner

Royal Air Force

Andrzej Klose
Andrzej Klose
I recently completed the A-CSM training with ScrumCenter Ltd, and the overall experience was top-notch! The extensive experience and exemplary coaching provided by Simon Roberts truly set this course apart. His unparalleled ability to build a team and facilitate has been a true eye-opener for me, revealing areas for improvement on my journey to excellence. I highly recommend ScrumCenter Ltd's entire portfolio of courses. As seasoned practitioners, they profoundly understand the current challenges organizations face in adopting and nurturing agility, extracting maximum business benefits from it. A truly outstanding experience!
M Parker
M Parker
I did the 3-day Scrum Master course with Simon Roberts; lots of interesting exercises and hypothetical situations considered. The certification test was quite easy after that.
We not only learnt the core of being a Scrum Master, but also additional techniques in the field of coaching and team facilitation that I found very useful. The trainer is very knowledgeable, adaptable and uses interactive training methods that are really effective.
Tom Weston
Tom Weston
Thoroughly recommend the CSPO course at ScrumCenter. Simon is an excellent coach - the course was informative, engaging and very well-run. 10/10.
Jacqui Wolmarans
Jacqui Wolmarans
I completed the Certified Scrum Master course accredited by Scrum Alliance delivered by an excellent trainer - Simon Roberts from ScrumCenter! It was 2 days of high-quality interactive instruction where Simon backed the theory with examples from his experience in the field. He also encouraged us (a very diverse group from 5 different countries) to share our experiences. Simon is a natural in setting delegates at ease from the start and getting us all to engage. I highly recommend Simon Roberts and ScrumCenter.

Upcoming Certified Scrum Master Courses

Date Days Venue Language Trainer Price Availability
22nd & 23rd July 2024
2 days
RRC Catterick
Simon Roberts

Good Availability

23rd & 24th September 2024
2 days
Live Online
Simon Roberts

Good Availability

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So What's next?

As you transition into civilian life, seize the opportunity offered by ELCAS and embark on a journey that will redefine your future. Join the ranks of those who have successfully transitioned from the military to thriving careers, and let us be your trusted partner on this remarkable path. Your service was invaluable; let your future be equally rewarding.

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