Leadership Agility Assessment & Coaching

Get support for your personal development as an agile leader through leadership agility assessment and agile leadership coaching.

Leadership Agility Assessment and Coaching

Our Approach to Agile Leadership Assessment and Coaching

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Why Does Agile Leadership Matter?

To enjoy sustained success, companies need to develop a level of agility that matches the accelerating pace of change and expanding complexity in their business environment. Yet, for the vast majority of companies, full-fledged strategic and operational agility is still more an aspiration than a reality.

One of the major reasons for this continuing “agility gap” is the need to develop more agile leaders. To have teams and organisations that have the agility demanded by today’s turbulent environment, companies need leaders who embody a corresponding level of agility.

You can maximise the success of your agile transformation by developing your own agile leadership capability and your organisation's agile capability in parallel.

How Can You Develop as an Agile Leader?

In their extensively researched book, Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs show that managers grow through multiple stages in developing their agility.

The Expert level is best suited for relatively stable environments with low complexity. The Achiever level works well in environments with moderate complexity and episodic change. The Catalyst level is the most effective for today’s rapidly changing, highly complex environment.

We are trained and certified by Bill Joiner to support your development of catalyst-level leadership, through assessment and coaching, which in turn will enable agile ways of working to flourish.

What We Can Do For You

We coach agile leaders using the Leadership Agility model to develop their ability to enable agile ways of working to flourish. We have in-depth experience helping organisations to transition to agile and have taken a leading role in some of the largest and most successful agile adoptions in Europe. Find out more about how we can support your agile transformation.

Signing up for Leadership Agility assessment and coaching is easy. Send us a message via our contact form and we will provide a clear proposal with price, including the initial briefing, the self-assessment, report and first coaching meeting to support creating your action plan. Further coaching sessions can be booked in addition.

The whole process can be performed online, although in-person coaching is also available.

Our coach, Simon Roberts, is a ChangeWise-Authorized Leadership Agility Coach. So, he is trained and recognised by the co-creator of the Leadership Agility model.

The contents of your report and all coaching conversations are, of course, strictly confidential and covered by our data protection and privacy agreement.


How We Will Work With You


During a short online meeting, our coach will introduce you to the model and sign you up for the Leadership Agility Accelerator assessment. A link to the assessment will be sent you to you.


You complete the Leadership Agility Accelerator assessment online. Once complete, a report will be automatically sent to you.

Create Your Action Plan

You create an action plan, supported by our coach.


You work on your action plan, supported by our coach.

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