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Newthinking’s Magazine Sprint

Several members of the Stoos Satellite Berlin took part in Newthinking’s magazine Sprint from 4th-6th April. We wrote several articles on Stoos and related subjects.

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Newthinkings Magazin-Sprint

Einige Mitglieder des Stoos Satellite Berlin haben sich bei Newthinkings Magazin-Sprint vom 4. bis 6. April beteiligt. Wir haben Artikel über Stoos und verwandte Themen

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English Electric – OMD

I haven’t been a fan of OMD in the past but happened to hear some of their new album, English Electric. Great melodies, experimental (for

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Perspectives on Agile vs Waterfall

Having been a trained and qualified project manager for several years before joining ScrumCenter, the world of Agile and Scrum was entirely new to me.

All training moved to live-online, free online coaching and mentoring available

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all in-person coaching and training has been cancelled. Instead, we are offering live-online Certified Scrum training and online coaching and mentoring.

Initial coaching sessions are free and our team is there to support you with any agile related topic.

Please use the menu items or buttons to access our course schedule and book online coaching.