Leuchtfeuer: Introducing Scrum to an Enterprise by Lighting Beacons

At the German Scrum Open Space conference on 11th July, Christoph Mathis and I presented our ideas on sustainable Enterprise Scrum transitions. The ideas are based on our experiences leading the successful Scrum transition at Allianz Deutchland over the last 1.5 years and identifies some of the key success factors and pitfalls as well as […]

TDD Workshop

I recently led a test-driven development (TDD) workshop for the team that I am currently coaching. We’ve been working together for several Sprints (every Sprint bar none has resulted in valuable functionality that has been put into production). We’ve previously looked at unit tests in detail and I had made a strong recommendation to try […]

Second Talk on Agile at CDTM

I was recently invited to do another talk on agile methods at the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich, Germany. This time, the talk covered the following areas: user stories agile estimating and planning After examining some of the characteristics of good user stories, the students practiced writing some (with “As a …, […]

Talk on Scrum and SOA at the CDTM in Munich

I was recently invited to talk about Scrum and SOA at the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich, Germany. The CDTM is a partnership between two Munich universities and cooperates closely with industry. It’s aim is to “prepare the students for future leadership positions in their professional career.” The talk was provided as […]

Planning Poker

Planning Poker Originally uploaded by sjroberts. The estimates are starting to converge but there are still some significant differences. The participants are discussing the high and low estimates.

First Week Round-up

It’s the end of the first week with a new client in Munich. Despite the storm on Thursday (didn’t impact Munich too much apart from the S-Bahn being suspended from 20:00 on Thursday night) we’ve made some great progress. I’ve tried to do a lot of listening this week and have taken part in several […]

First Day at New Assignment in Munich

Monday was the first full day with my new customer in Munich. I’m going to be here on and off for the next 5 to 6 months helping a part of a large organisation transition to agile methods. It’s looking really interesting. Although this is going to be a challenging assignment (most agile transitions are!), […]

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