Talk on Scrum and SOA at the CDTM in Munich

I was recently invited to talk about Scrum and SOA at the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich, Germany. The CDTM is a partnership between two Munich universities and cooperates closely with industry. It’s aim is to “prepare the students for future leadership positions in their professional career.”

The talk was provided as a part of a course that introduces students to an agile approach to SOA development. During the course, real functionality will be developed and demonstrated to industry partners.

The talk covered the following areas:

  • What is agile?
  • Why do we do agile software development (what are the issues with traditional methods and how does agile make it better in many cases)?
  • The agile manifesto, key values, principles and practices.
  • Key success factors and pitfalls for agile projects.
  • An introduction to Scrum.
  • The Dysfunctional Scrum exercise.
  • Case studies – different ways of approaching building an SOA-based system using Scrum, based on my experience coaching different projects and teams.

Thanks very much to Ana Balevic for organising and hosting the talk and to the students for some very interesting questions and discussion.

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