Leuchtfeuer entzünden: Einführung von Scrum bei der Allianz Deutschland AG

An article, co-written by ScrumCenter founders Christoph Mathis and Simon Roberts, describing the Scrum transition at Allianz Deutschland AG, is now available for free download thanks to an agreement with SIGS-DATACOM GmbH. The article, co-written by Gerhard Hastreiter (Allianz Deutschland AG), Chistoph Mathis (ScrumCenter GmbH) and Simon Roberts (ScrumCenter GmbH), first appeared in the January…

Certified Scrum Product Owner in Solingen

In association with codecentric GmbH, Simon Roberts will be teaching a Certified Scrum Product Owner course (in German) on 2./3.09.2009 in Solingen. This will be presented directly before codecentric’s “Meet the Experts: Agilität” event on 4.09.2009 and provides an ideal opportunity to learn more about Scrum’s Product Owner role. Why not attend both events –…

Meet the Experts – Agilität

Simon Roberts will be speaking at codecentric’s event “Meet the Experts – Agilität” in Sollingen on 04.09.2009. The innovative “Meet the Experts” series combines talks from invited speakers with an Open Space session. Simon’s talk will be on the topic of “Making Scrum Stick” where he will reflect on some of the factors that are…

Updates for 2008-01-05

A "wee celebration of the physical manifestation of In Rainbows": http://tinyurl.com/yt4kep # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-20

Looks like a fix for the Leopard Wi-Fi stability problem (kernel panic) is coming in 10.5.2 http://tinyurl.com/yrefg4 # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-16

Finished shopping for Christmas presents. Mostly to be delivered to the UK to save our meagre Ryanair baggage allowance. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-15

Saw the ISS about 50 mins. ago passing over Berlin. Very bright. # My Radiohead In Rainbows box has arrived. Beautilfully produced. Good to have a good quality version of the songs and some new ones as well. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Updates for 2007-12-11

Sprint Review in Stuttgart # Facilitating Sprint retrospective in Stuttgart # Check-in complete. Now gathering data. # Gathering data using timeline based brainstorming with cards # Generating insight by voting (+ve, -ve or ?) on topics discovered # Deciding what to do # Closing retrospective # Sprint planning in Stuttgart finished – off to the…

Updates for 2007-12-07

The composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has sadly passed away. RIP maestro. # Powered by Twitter Tools.